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Comments from Visitors about our Open Day

  • Very impressed with all the staff, children and facilities set up in school in general
  • Utterly impressed and congratulations on selling your school and thank you for making feel so welcome
  • If your tour guides (year 6 pupils) were anything to go by, the standard of your pupils behaviour and attitude is exceptionally high and one which should be acknowledged and congratulated
  • Lovely visit with really helpful tour guides
  • Lucky to have such a wonderful school.  The outside space is fantastic.  Special thanks to the tour guides for a brilliant tour.
  • A really lovely school
  • A thorough and informative tour.  The facilities are super.
  • Lovely school.  Friendly staff.  Clean and tidy. Super school.

General End of Year Comments from our Parents

  • My child really enjoys school and it cetainly is reflected in the school work and the fantastic teachers hard work and support.
  • I could not wish for a better classroom or team of staff.
  • We are thrilled with our child's start to school life.  Our child has thrived under the guidance of a fantastic teaching team.  Thank you for all your hard work.
  • Many thanks to the staff for their encouragement, support and infectious enthusiasm which makes Antrobus St Mark's School such a wonderful place to learn and grow.
  • Everyone at Antrobus St Mark's School has helped my child to become smart, confident, brave and believe in himself.  Thank you to everyone who has ever cared for my child,
  • You continue to inspire my child to learn.  The staff are inspiring and hardworking.  The atmosphere in school is lovely and nurturing.
  • We are thrilled with our child's progress and this would not have been possible without the fun, secure, enthusiastic learning enviornment provided by the teachers.  Thank you for all your hard work.

Parents' View of the School

Comments from parents

  • The school is very welcoming and friendly
  • The teachers are amazing and produce a lovely teaching environment for the children
  • Good teacher, parent relationships
  • We welcome invitations into school for assemblies, coffee mornings, special class events
  • Staff always present and approachable at drop off and pick up times. Headteacher is frequently present.
  • Helpful office staff
  • Staff seem to know children and parents well which is the advantage of a small village school
  • The school is clean and has lots of lovely displays of class work
  • The children's behaviour is good which is witnessed at various events in school
  • Communication is good with newsletters, text messages and the school website
  • The school encourages children to be polite, kind and considerate of others which is also reflected by the staff
  • The school is a large family and it is lovely to see how well children of different ages mix and help each other
  • I would highly recommend the school and am thrilled my children have been learning, having fun and making friends in such a caring environment
  • It is a happy, friendly school with well-behaved children, all of the staff are helpful, friendly and enjoy being part of the school
  • The new morning routine is a great improvement to the start of the children's school day
  • Everybody is always very welcoming, including the children
  • There is always lots of displays on the wall to show what the children have been doing
  • Class newsletters are very good showing what the class will be learning that term, also the class assemblies showing their work and how much they enjoyed the project are lovely to attend
  • The school is small enough to help individual children's needs and seek help from other teachers if needed
  • The teachers and teaching assistants all work together to produce good strong lessons and a school community
  • Every class knows each and everybody in the school which makes it a very friendly and homely place to be

Email from our Speech and Language Therapist

Thanks for being such great Speech and Language Therapy Partners.  Nothing can be achieved without the co-operation of the Headteacher and all the staff involved with the individual children and Antrobus St Mark's have been a fine example of that in my experience during the last year.

Email from a Parent - Sports Day

I just wanted to say what a superb morning it was.  Both my children enjoyed the run up to the sports day and I can't believe how well they did.


The encouragement, support and sense of 'every child matters' is clearly visible and can only serve to boost the children's confidence, belief in themselves and consideration for others.  This has been my favourite sports day to date.


Many thanks again to all the staff at Antrobus St Mark's for doing such a sterling job.  I couldn't wish for my children to be at a better school.