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Our School Council 2018 - 2019

Our School Council 2018 - 2019 1
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Amelia sending off our cheque to the NSPCC

Amelia sending off our cheque to the NSPCC 1

The School Council is an active student group that represents all of our school years across the school.  There is a School Council Representative from Year 1 up to Year 6 - a total of 8 children (4 come from UKS2).  The School Council is a voice for the pupils of the school and they are involved in school events and bringing the ideas and thoughts of the pupils to the rest of the school community.

At the start of the year, there is a ballot, when the children can put their names forward for the School Council.  Names are drawn out of a hat at a special assembly and all the new members are given a shiny new badge to show their responsibility in school!  Within the School Council, there is a Chairperson (KS2), a Vice-chairperson (KS2) and a Secretary (KS2).  The members meet regularly to discuss the various issues that may have arisen.

One of the main roles of the School Council is to chose and organise fundraising throughout the school.  They meet with governors to find out what they do and they give feedback to the staff about whole school items such as choosing the playground markings in previous years.  

Keep an eye on this page to find out our current fundraising ideas or any upcoming events.

Mad Hair Day

Mad Hair Day 1