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Religious Education


The spiritual and moral development of our children underpins all aspects of our school life. Religious Education (RE) is an important subject at Antrobus St Mark’s Church of England Primary School. It is part of the Basic Curriculum and is taught in accordance with the Cheshire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education, as we are required to do by law. Also by law, RE must focus mainly on Christianity, whilst taking account of the other principal religions in Great Britain.

RE has a particular contribution to make towards the spiritual, moral, social and cultural education of each pupil. It involves Learning About Religion i.e. understanding what religious people believe and do, and how they express themselves and also Learning From Religion i.e. making sense of who we are, of life, and of right and wrong We encourage respect for religious commitment and for those holding different beliefs.




The purpose of teaching Religious Education in school is to:

  • To show children that Christianity is about following the living God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit and is relevant to their daily lives.
  • To extend children’s ability to reflect upon themselves as whole people, experiencing life through body, mind and spirit.
  • To help pupils understand the significance of religion and its contribution to their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.


    We aim through our teaching
  • To provide a course of Religious Education within the framework of the Diocese of Chester Religious Education Guidelines appropriate to the educational needs of the children in our school, at their different stages of development.
  • To contribute to the spiritual, social and moral development of the school as a caring community and the pupils as individuals.
  • To assist and encourage experience of Christian life and worship.
  • Through study of major world religions to encourage and understanding and appreciation of the rich diversity of religious belief and practice in society today.

    We aim to encourage children in our school
  • To grow in awareness of others through learning activities involving sharing and co-operation and to develop trust and respect for others.
  • To formulate their own sense of purpose in life and to embark upon a personal search for a faith by which to live.
  • To learn something of the religious experiences of others.
  • To develop their own beliefs, values and ideals in the light of their experiences
  • To develop respect for other people, their beliefs and their life-styles.
  • To develop an enquiring attitude towards religion and to explore activities of prayer and worship.




Religious Education in our School